Monday, 1 June 2015

Mapping London's LGBTQ heritage

I'm really excited to be involved with this project here.

The pilot phase, which initially just focuses on London, is currently under way, and it involves a map of London with user-generated pins highlighting spaces of LGBTQ heritage. The project will be rolled out to cover the whole of the UK, and anyone can take part!

I thought I'd talk you through the (very simple) process with one of my own contributions.

First of all, go to this page here and scroll down to the map at the bottom.

Click on the '+' sign at the top right hand corner to add a new pin:

A new text box will pop up, and will ask you to choose a place name and a location. The place name will appear on the list to the right hand side of the map, so make sure it also includes a little taste of what the post is about if you want more people to look at it! You can either search for a location or choose it by clicking on the map.

As this is a crowd-sourced project, you're not expected to be a historian to take part, so if you don't know the exact place, put it as close as possible to where you think the spot is (obviously, I don't know where in Green Park Bankes was caught with his trousers down, so I think in this case, anywhere in the park will do). Likewise, if you're not entirely sure about exact dates, just make this clear in the text, and try and give an estimation if you can.

Also, your entries don't need to be historical, they can be more contemporary, and can be your own interpretation of a site. If there's already a pin on the place you wanted to mention, don't worry, put another one there!

You then get to choose from a category. Unfortunately at this stage you can only choose one, so use your discretion about which one suits the most. I chose 'Crime and the Law' for this entry because I thought it was the most appropriate for the story I'm telling. Think about who might be searching for this story, and which elements will appeal the most.

You can also upload a photograph, which I've chosen not to do here.

When you click 'Submit' this screen appears:

It is important to copy or make a note of the URL, since the site does not require users to log in or make an account, this is the only way you can edit your entry. Once you've done that, click close and then close the text box, or reset if you wish to add another entry.

The moderator will then be informed about your contribution, they do not fact check or alter your text unless there is something offensive in there.

Once it is approved, it will appear on the list alongside the map:

and here is my entry!

So go here to drop a pin: and share the link with anyone who might be interested in taking part in this ground breaking Historic England project!