Tuesday, 30 July 2013

LGBT History app 'Quist'

I was alerted to a new app called Quist from this Huffington Post article, and thought (since it's free) I'd download it and give it a go.

I realise it is new, so I presume it will continue to develop and improve, but at a first glance I thought it was a nice idea, but a bit confusingly structured.

It starts by showing you a number (well, two- but presumably this will increase as content is added) of "on this day in history" events, which you can click for further information. Each is accompanied by an image, a location and a year, and a few cursory sentences explaining what happened:

The 'explore' menu allows you to browse the content by location or by date. Obviously there is not a great deal to explore so far, but I suppose the joy of apps like this is that they can constantly be added to, although hopefully this will extend to more of a wiki approach, to make the addition of material more democratic, wide ranging and fast.

So it's not groundbreaking in terms of technology, it's fairly pedestrian, but hopefully could be the start of something quite exciting that allows people to create content, discuss, respond and explore a varied and less political/legal milestone driven approach to queer history.

(ps: attempting to do an image heavy blog has led me to believe that blogspot is not really built for this...)